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"Dr. Chad Simon is a miracle worker! I have been suffering with allergies most of my 54 years. Before I saw Dr. Simon, I had to take allergy, cold or sinus medicine almost every day. Dr. Simon properly analyzed my allergies, gave me the proper medicine for those specific allergies and gave me the proper surgery to remove polyps that had been blocking my breathing for years! Then he prescribed maintenance meds that are keeping my allergy symptoms away! It has been over a year and I can breath better than I have my whole life! I can't thank you enough Dr. Simon, I tell everybody I can about you but I hope you can post this, you are welcome to paraphrase this as you wish. Thank God for you, I hope you get to fix everybody in the Tri-Parish area, because you deserve to, sir, you are outstanding. God Bless you and your staff!"

Stephen Hawkins

"Just experienced something amazing...My 4-year-old granddaughter is having surgery this morning and is very nervous. Dr. David Hagen came into the room to talk to my daughter about the surgery and was very gentle and reassuring. Before he left the room he said he wanted to pray with us. He dropped to his knees and said a beautiful heartfelt prayer asking God to watch over her and bless her. He also asked God to help guide his hands during the surgery.

In today's world, I'm sure this is a rare experience in a secular hospital but was a pleasant surprise.




I wondered how many would have been offended by the doctor's prayers?
I am grateful for his bold, unapologetic faith."


Jimmy Babin




"My visit went very well, I would recommend it to anyone who was having trouble with their ears...and I’ve gone there a few times already and have always gone back every time I needed to...and I would recommend this place very highly, I have no complaints about this place."

Brian Verdin

"My experience with Dr. Beyer and his staff has been nothing short of excellent. From the way the staff treated me on every visit for checkups to my care before, during and post surgery, they have always been courteous and professional. I had suffered my whole life with sinus problems but after surgery by Dr. Matthew Beyer, I am able to breathe clearly like I never have before. This procedure was a tremendous success and I owe it all to Dr. Beyer and his staff or their outstanding care."


Leo Bourg

"No one is more cherished in this world than someone who lightens the burdens of another. I really appreciate all of the time and efforts that you and your staff put forth for healing and curing my wife's pain. 

I would say Thank You Just Isn't Enough."

Jaimin (Jimmy) & Divyaben Tarsaria

"So far so good. I am blessed to have found this gentleman. He’s kind, compassionate, explains things in terms you understand and makes sure you do not go into a procedure until you fully understand everything. The thing that sealed the deal as to knowing I was in good hands was when he came into my pre-op room just before the surgery. First question he had was are you comfortable. After the yes he said would you care to join me in prayer and held my hand and began praying with me. Done deal"

Jim Pierce Jr


"Dr. Simon performed my total thyroidectomy. He is the only doctor I’ve ever had who actually called me himself to discuss blood work or answer any questions I had. Never had to go through a nurse to get an answer. Hands down the best thing about him! Excellent, caring doctor. Highly recommend!"

-Verified Patient

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