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A Cure for Allergies–with NO NEEDLES!

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Are your allergies acting up this season?

This quick addition to your morning routine could be the solution & cure to your allergies!

What are Allergy Drops?

Allergy Drops are an alternative to Allergy Shots that treats allergies at their cause. Instead of just controlling symptoms, you can cure your allergies with just a few drops under your tongue each day. No needles and no office visits needed!

How do They Work?

Allergy Drops are a form of immunotherapy, meaning repeated exposure to small doses of allergens to increase tolerance. Moderate or large exposure to something you’re allergic to cause your immune system to try to get rid of it through symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, and watery eyes. But exposure to small, increasing amounts of allergens lessens your immune system’s sensitivity. As your body builds a tolerance to the small amounts of allergens, your symptoms decrease when you’re exposed to large amounts.

Allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) are taken in the comfort of your home. They are placed under the tongue for 2 minutes and then swallowed. Drops are clinically proven to be safer than shots, they are painless and tasteless. Allergy drops are particularly desirable for pediatric patients.

Does My Insurance Cover Allergy Drops?

Currently, Allergy Drops are not a covered service by most insurance companies.

Both allergy shots and allergy drops are effective. Shots require you to visit your doctor’s office once a week. After each injection, you must spend 30 minutes under observation, in case of a life-threatening reaction. Each visit usually requires you to miss work or school, spend money on co-pays and gas, and adjust your schedule.

Allergy Drops are proven to be more cost-effective & without having to miss work or school!

Here's a cost comparison of your allergy treatment options:


Contact our office today to schedule a consultation to see if Allergy Drops are right for you!

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